Lens hood / filter holder for Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta A 531 in Denver, Colorado

I have many vintage cameras in my collection that I enjoy using, but the old uncoated lenses are prone to flaring when unwanted light hits them. Of course, the easiest way to avoid this is to use a lens shade, but these are unavailable or expensive for many of the old cameras. One of my favorite oldies is a 1937 Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta. I couldn’t find a shade for it so I made one, and I’m now selling duplicates. They also have an important advantage over standard lens hoods: they hold a filter!I make them individually by hand, casting a rather messy liquid rubber into my own silicone rubber molds. They’re not cosmetically perfect; they usually have very small bubbles, pits and roughness.  That’s because my small home workshop just isn’t capable of technological perfection. But they do work as shown. In the pictures, one of the lens shades is shown mounted on my camera that has a 75mm f/3.5 Tessar lens. The outer focusing ring of that lens measures about 35.5mm. I haven’t been able to measure any of the other Super-Ikonta models, so you’ll have to check your own camera carefully; if it’s not exactly that diameter, it won’t work. IT WILL NOT FIT ON AN F/2.8 TESSAR. The fit is very critical. I don’t have a lathe or milling machine, so the biggest challenge was to make the shade’s mounting rim just thin enough to fit between the focusing rings of the lens and the rangefinder. My molds are flexible rubber as well as the shade itself, so dimensional stability isn’t as precise as you would get with a metal mold. On my camera, the shade offers just enough friction to turn the lens focusing ring, but it does slip a little. It’s probably more effective to focus the lens first and then mount the shade. (With the shade mounted on the lens, you can still read the distance markings.)Many standard filters will fit because there are no threads to match; the filters just drop in and the rubber retaining ring secures them. The filter retaining area is almost exactly 41mm in diameter. So far, I have personally tested the following: Hoya and Tiffen 39mm (40.5mm outside diameter) - They push in easily and fit perfectly. Vivitar 40.5mm (tight) Aragon 40.5mm (tight) Argus 41mm drop-in (tight) Walz 40.5mm (tight) Filters for Meopta Flexaret cameras from about 1950 onward. Mamiya 40.5mm will NOT fitFotodiox 39mm will NOT fitI believe old Series 5.5 filters will also fit. According to Wikipedia, they have a diameter of 35.9mm. I also have an ancient Zeiss Ikon filter marked “IV” on the rim and “42mm” on the plastic case that fits perfectly. There are probably many others, including most 37mm filters (although they are quite loose inside the shade). It all depends on the actual outer measurement of the filter ring, not what the manufacturer indicates as the thread size.I would seriously recommend only using filters with an outer measurement of no more than 40.5mm.By the way, if you should ever need a replacement retaining ring, it’s simply a black rubber O-ring, available at any hardware store — 1-3/8” ID x 1-5/8” OD. It’s also known as a number 220, a standard item in the O-ring industry. Really.Note: When applying the shade to the lens, first set lens to infinity. This will be its retracted position. If you apply the shade when the lens is extended for a closer focus, the shade will make it difficult for the front lens element to later retract towards infinity.This sale is for one lens shade/filter holder and one retaining ring. Camera and filter are not included.Note to buyers outside the USA: I ship free to eBay's international shipping service in Kentucky. After leaving there, they will be subject to an additional international shipping charge. And in most cases the destination country will add an import (customs) charge. These vary from country to country. For instance, my film trimming templates sent to Japan and China have no import charges, but when sent to Great Britain, Germany and France the shipping and import charges are almost as much as the item itself. I apologize in advance for this, but it is entirely beyond my control.

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