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The Dark Crystal - A.C.H Smith
wizards bane - cook
The Kaisho - Eric Lustbader
The Miko - Eric Lustbader
rise of a merchant prince - feist
battlefield earth - hubbard
the legend of shamballa - saraydian
The wandering fire - Guy Gavriel Key
Winter in Eden - Harry Harrison
the darkest road - kay
the woman who loved the moon - lynn
Wraeththu - Storm Constantine
Blood of amber - Zelazny
Shakai - Lynn v. Andrews
The Gameplayers of Zan - M.A. Foster
Tomorrow might be different - Mack Reynolds
zel - napoli
The Snake Oil Wars - Parke Godwin
The Saving Graces - Patricia Gaffney
The Illuminatus Triliogy - Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
harts hope - orson scott card
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