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Parting out 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, former 4.7 V8 car. Tires and wheels not offered. Front fender is brand new & primer sealed. Front door is from a 2000 Laredo. Front bumper cover is available however disappointed in pictures. Factory stereo with remote 10 CD changer. Sunroof works fine. Leather interior is typical for 179,000 mile automobile. If I still have the parts, please call, text or e-mail with your needs and I will certainly let you understand. If you ask, I will gladly call you. I will certainly attempt to offer everything at sensible costs. I am located in Thornton near 120th and Colo Blvd

. Partial List of Parts since 7-14-14. FRONT SEATS ARE SOLD.
(Many smaller parts not listed but still offered, starting at $5).

Headlight harness, left or right $10 each.
Front bumper cover with effect bar & lic plt frame $125.
Front header panel (headlights mount to this), small repair needed $40.
Left fender, utilized $65.
Fender, brand-new in sealing primer $75.
Hood $75.
Hood hinge, left or right $10 each.
Rear bumper cover $100.
Manufacturing facility sunroof/moonroof, full assy, works fine $75.
Door Drivers side front, with window, motor, & lock $225 (no inner door panel).
Door Passenger side front, with window, motor & lock $200 (no inner door panel).
Passenger front door lock $25.
Door Drivers side back, with window, motor & lock $175 (no inner door panel).
Door Passenger side rear, with window, motor & lock $175 (no inner door panel).
Inner door panel, LF or RF $75 each (1 or 2 extremely minor, quickly repaired cracks in vinyl).
Inner door panel, LR or RR $60 each (1 or 2 extremely small, easily repaired cracks in vinyl).
Master cylinder & brake enhancer $60.
ABS brake controller $75.
NV-247 Transfer case $250.
Transmission $200.
Rear driveshaft $50.
Skid Plate, transfer case $30.
Skid plate, gas tank $40.
Left rear tow hook with brackets & hardware $25.
Gas tank $20.
Beerbelly well cover $20.
Rear seats $50.
Stereo, factory with remote amp & 10 CD changer $150 (no harness).
Instrument Cluster $50.
Weather condition strip for back hatch out $30.
Climate strip back doors $20 each.
Weather condition strip front doors $20 each.
Steering column and wheel with air bag & crucial $100.
Guest air bag $50.
Air bag control sensing unit module $25.
PCM Computer $75.
TCM Computer $50.
Electric fan assembly $50.
Air Conditioning condenser $50.
Wiper motor-- complete assembly with linkage arms $40.
Rear view mirror, inside, automobile dimming $40.
Roof racks $40.
Alternator $50.
Power steering pump $40.
Front fender inner wheel well liner, left $40.
Front fender inner wheel well liner, right $40.

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