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Hynix 8GB(4x2GB) HYMP125U72AP8-Y5 PC2-5300E Unbuffered ECC Server RAM
$70 Cash Only
Please consist of a contact number in the reply

For Servers/Workstations Only!

The memory was pulled from a workplace. No further testing was performed.

This is UNBUFFERED ECC RAM. It came out of an IBM X3350 Server. It will certainly work in other servers and workstations like the Dell Poweredge 830 840 850 860 SC420 SC430 SC440, SuperMicro PKSME Server board, Intel S3000PT Server Board, Tyan Tomcat i7230A (S5160) Server Board, PowerSpec COMPUTER Systems Server Series 600, SuperMicro X7SB4 Server Board, Tyan Tomcat h1000S (S3950) Server Board, Intel S3000AH(LC Version) Server Board, Systemax Servers ELS 3 Intel RAID 5, Intel S3000AH(LX Version) Server Board, PowerSpec COMPUTER Systems Server Series 400, PowerSpec COMPUTER Systems Server Series 200 and others. Please check your handbook and make sure your device requires UNBUFFERED ECC memory.

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