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Walking is among the simplest methods to get workout, using a pedometer can assist you track and enhance your exercising. Stop by Open Road Outfitter and select one up for low rates ranging from $15-35.

* Omron tri axis technology; counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally.
* Tracks everyday range and calories burned.
* Automatically resets day-to-day to properly track steps.
* Five tracking modes, track steps, moderate steps, time, distance and calories burned.
* Stores up to 7 days of information in memory; Resets to zero at midnight.

Omron is understood for making quality health care products for both home and clinical use. It is no surprise that their pedometers are among the most exact offered. Omron pedometers showcase sophisticated dual axis and tri axis designs that can properly measure motion no matter how the pedometer is positioned. Advanced Omron pedometer designs also include internet based solutions that allow the user to upload data and track results over time. This makes an Omron pedometer a powerful physical fitness training device.

At Open Road Outfitter our slogan is "Making Your Adventures Affordable". We know roofing system racks, cargo boxes and bike racks are insane expensive. We also know you have better things to do with your money than to invest it on brand-new gear. At Open Road we lease, get, trade any rack and sell devices, so bring your equipment to our shop and see what we can do for you!

Open Road Outfitter.
80 S. Cherokee St.
Denver 80223.

Mon-Sat 10-7.
Sun 11-4.

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