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At some point in between 12AM Saturday (17 May 2014) morning and 12PM Saturday afternoon my rear porch was gotten into and my black Surly Crosscheck cyclo-cross bike was stolen. The screen door to the porch was latched at midnight when my roomie came in for the night. She went back onto the porch at 12PM the very same day and observed my bike was missing out on and the screen door had actually been propped and left open. A cops report has actually been submitted.

The bike is a 54 CM Surly CrossCheck (cyclocross style) bike. The frame was integrateded 2012. The whole bike and all of it's accessories are black with white Surly sticker labels. There are front and rear black, plastic, Surly fenders. There are rear and front, black, Surly racks. There are two rear Jandd brand panniers attached to the rear rack. On the top tube there is a black phone case. Bench tape is black and it together with the left brake cover and has teeth marks (chewed by cats). The bike has hub-powered front and rear lights. A Shimano center with a Busch and Muller Lumotec Classic Headlight and Busch and Muller Toplight Line Brake Plus Tail light. It has a black leather Brooks brand saddle, model B17 Imperial with center cut-out. I am relatively certain that the bike is a 54cm. Because of the center powered lights an electrical cable television is wrapped around the leading tube linking the center power to the rear light.

This bike is my main mode of transportation. I do not possess a car. I have invested heavily in it and would actually like to see it get home. Please share this with other bicyclists and bike shops.

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