Pedro's story
Hola! Mi nombre es Pedro.
I am a striking orange tabby born in 2011. I am a friendly, playful and stately male cat with large green eyes.
I seem to have forgotten what my life was like before the shelter. I guess you can say my history is a mystery! I came to Maxfund in August 2018.
I am doing very well here at the shelter. I get along with the other cats and I love it when people come into visit me. I love playing with wand toys and crinkle balls. I am a middle-aged cat but I can hold my own at playtime with the youngsters.
I am an active boy who also thoroughly enjoys lap time and being showered with affection. My size can be off-putting to some potential adopters but I am a gentle giant. I love humans and get along with other cats. I don't know if I'd like to have a canine sibling as haven't been exposed to dogs before. I have a suspicion that with a slow introduction I would be just fine.
While I am doing fine at the shelter, I would love to find a home to call my own. My dream home includes affectionate cat parents, warm laps to lay on, ear scratches, feather toys, crinkle balls and plenty of chicken treats!
I hope I'm lucky enough to find my forever home! Are you my forever person? Please stop by to say hello, I would love to be the lion in your living room!

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