Maple's story
Hello my friend! My name is Maple. I am a gentle, quiet girl, born in 2015.
Did you know that a maple leaf symbolizes strength and endurance.
Well, my name fits me well, because it took some strength and endurance
to live in my former home.
You see, I lived with other cats and dogs, who bullied me.
Now I am grateful for the security of my tent bed, tasty food,
occasional cat treats and gentle human touch.
Here at the shelter I keep my kennel neat and clean.
I love it when a friendly human stops by to pet me or to play with me.
Do you have a quiet, loving home, where I could blossom,
without worrying about being bullied by other animals?
If the answer is yes, please come to visit me - gentle, beautiful Maple.
I will be waiting patiently.

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