My story
Sweet, Little Young DSH 1 yr old brown tabby with white FeLV+ femaleStar light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might find a home that treats me right.   Starlight is a pretty, little 1 year old DSH brown mitted (white socks & markings) tabby spayed female. Starlight is FeLV + (Feline Leukemia Virus, which is not the same as Leukemia.  It is a virus and is only contagious to other cats). FeLV positive cats can live relatively healthy lives in an indoor, calm environment with good care and quality diets. Some even go into remission. She can be with only FeLV+ cats, the only cat or be kept separate from nonFeLV cats. Starlight is outgoing, friendly, sweet, and is extremely playful.  She is the undisputed wrestling champion in her room and also loves boxes.  She was rescued from being put down at another shelter.  She needs a playmate (either human or feline) and would love to be adopted with one or more of the FeLV + cats that we have.   There is a discount for adopting more than one.   If your home has children, She should only be around calm, cat friendly children who will play gently with her and wont stress her out.  We don't know about dogs, but perhaps a calm, cat-friendly dog might also be O.K.  Her adoption will require Board Approval and a pre-adoption Home Inspection.  Please come and meet this sweet girl today at our shelter to see if you have the safe, caring, loving home she (and the other FeLV+ cats) need for whatever time they have left!

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