Malibu (& Maui)'s story
Unusual Scottish Fold (purebred but has straight ears) Young Adult Spayed Female & Bonded brother
Malibu is a breezy, warm and beautiful place.  Our girl Malibu is a 3 and 1/2 year old purebred Scottish Fold short-hair blue (dark gray) spayed female.  She's missing the folded ears but has all of the other adorable traits of her breed.  She is fairly shy and must stay with her bonded brother, Maui, who is also fairly shy (they are twins, but his ears are folded so you can tell them apart).  They must be adopted and stay together.  They are both shy, but love pets and warm up with gentle attention.  Because they are purebreds with papers, we have made them 'benefactor' cats for our non-profit charity rescue and their adoption fee is a little higher than average.  Their adoption will require Board Approval and a pre-adoption and perhaps post-adoption Home Inspection.  The are doing great with their cat roommates, but might prefer to be the only cats.  They might be OK with another docile cat who wouldn't bother them in a large enough home.  They need a calm, quiet home where they will get lots of patience and love to come out of their shells and blossom into the sweet companions we know they will be.  They do not care for young or loud children and should only be around older, calm children who would be gentle with them.  We don't know about dogs, but due to their shyness, it is unlikely.  Come meet these sweet Scottish Fold siblings to see if you have the calm, safe, patient and loving home they need.

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