My story
Hi, my name is Sofia. I have a unique story in that I was previously adopted by a Cat Care volunteer, who then moved to Arizona. After we moved, I began to have problems that my Cat mom nor the Vets she took me too could handle. After staff from Cat Care came to Arizona to bring me back, I was lucky enough to be heard through several Animal Communicators. I have extremely sensitive hearing, so much so, that normal sounds like an air conditioners clicking on or regular music on the radio can send me over the edge. I was also able to pick my own name and love being Sofia, after Sofia Loren. I would like to be the only cat in the house, if possible. I don't think I could handle being around children or grandchildren. My ideal person would be someone who worked from home. I am on a medication for urinary crystals and am on a prescription urinary diet. If you were to adopt me, you would be eligible to participate in the Perpet-U-Care program. It helps to defer the cost of any medications and prescription food annually for the rest of my life. For more information, please see the Cat Care Society website, tab for Perpet-U-Care, under Adoption.

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