Mehitabel's story
Hi there, my name is Mehitabel!  Im a happy older lady looking for a place to call my own!  I had a wonderful human who I loved, who I used to live with, but she passed away.  I was really sad without her.  I used to spend all of my time with her, and Ive been lonely since then.  Its been better since Ive been here at Cat Care Society, but no matter how nice all of the people are, its just not the same as having my own family.  I love to play, but mostly I love to talk to and cuddle with people.  Ill let you know if I think youre not paying enough attention to me!  I have to eat a special diet, but its yummy so I dont mind much.  I still like getting Fancy Feast canned food though, its delicious! I would love to find a new home, with someone to love and cuddle me all the time, maybe I could come home with you?  Come in and meet me today, Im amazing!
Mehitabel is part of our Perpet-U-Care program.  Please click the link to find out more:  /adoptions/perpet-u-care    

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