Toofers's story
Hey there! Toofers here. I know that's a funny name. Especially when you find out how I got here. I'm a handsome gray tabby boy, born in 2014.
My owners surrendered me because I had an abscessed tooth, and they couldn't afford to treat me. Thankfully, they brought me here where they help cats like me. I had some teeth pulled, and once I could eat again without pain, I became a joyful cat! I'm pretty food obsessed right now, but I'm starting to calm down about it. I like people and enjoy the pets and attention I get from the staff and volunteers. They think I'm quite a character, but I have no idea what that means. Some people just look at me and giggle. It might be because I'm not used to having so few teeth and my tongue hangs out a bit. But, it's getting better. I've lived with dogs and children before, and might do okay with another polite cat.
So, that's the story of Toofers! I'd love the next chapter to include a forever home! I hope you'll come by to meet me!

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