Samson's story
Greetings! I'm a sweet gentleman by the name of Samson. I was born in 2007.
I was brought in to MaxFund in January 2019 after I was found roaming the streets in the cold. They could tell I was an indoor cat once upon a time because of how friendly I was. I know I look rough around the edges, but I promise I've still got plenty of years and love to share! You can find me curled up taking naps in the comfiest places I can find- I'm sure to be a great cuddle buddy. I'll make little chirps and meows to greet you, so you can count on me to have nice conversations with you every now and then. I enjoy it when I get stroked along my back and get little scritches behind my ears!
Don't be fooled by my grumpy expressions, I'm a complete sweetheart, so why don't you come meet me?

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