Allspice's story
Hello, I'm Allspice. I'm a quiet senior lady. I came to Maxfund in November 2018 as a stray, when a nice person brought me in so I would be safe and warm. I'm sure I had a home once, but I'm not sure what happened. All I know is I'd love to have another one soon.
I've been told that I'm quite pretty, with my mostly white fur adorned with calico patches of gray, brown and orange--kind of like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, which is what the spice I'm named after smells like! Did you know that allspice makes recipes taste warm and cozy? I think the nice people here at Maxfund gave me this name because I will make you feel warm and cozy too. I am pretty timid, and I like staying curled up in my bed for now. But if you reach in to say hi to me, I will push my head into your hand for scritches. Ear scratches are definitely my favorite. They'll even make me purr! Because I'm so shy, I'm guessing that I might be better as an only fur-child. I don't know about kids--may I meet them first?
I'm looking for a quiet, loving forever home where I can feel confident again. I know that with the right amount of love (just like the right amount of spice) I'll bring you warmth and love for all of my life. Won't you please come say hi and take me home?

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