Please call owner Avery at . Boat is in Aurora, Colorado. This is an amazing 1984 sailboat by the MacGregor yacht company, that's right It's classified as a yacht. The canopy comes up and has over 6 feet of headroom. There is also a camping pop-up cover for comfortable sleeping at night
even through rainstorms. There's a bathroom and sink/kitchen that is mobile for
convenience. 7.5 hp motor. It has a couple of fantastic upgrades, a mast stepping system, a genoa auto furl. The jib/Jenny is already furled on the main stay and has a automatic feature to quick release and roll it back up should you hit rough conditions. This is a swing keel boat, and it has come in handy quite a bit. Way better than fixed Keel and the safety feature is better than dagger board in my
opinion. I've done a little bit of upgrade wood work so you can fit a queen mattress in the main seating area once the table has been taken down. This has been blissful. I also realized that the same woodwork can be used on the upper stern seating portion for the same inflatable queen mattress. It's amazing to sleep under the stars in a boat. Also, I learned that you can put two hammocks on the back of the boat in the safety railing mounts and they fit perfectly. Makes me not want to get rid of the boat at all. When the Keel is up, the boat only drafts 18 inches of water, that means you can take the sailboat where only canoes dare to go. The trailer is in excellent condition and this boat is sea worthy and ready to sail. Will consider trading for a pontoon boat or Bayliner with a cabin. Love this boat but my bf keeps hitting his head too hard. I'm not entirely convinced to get rid of it, the feeling of sleeping on the water is just too fantastic. The paint is in good condition, a few scratches here and there but no signs of rust on the keel cable or any metal. Some of the paint shows some stress at places, you would expect the fiberglass to be stressed, but the fiberglass itself is in perfect condition. Both of the sails are in good condition, no dry rot at all. I grew up sailing with my dad and had him look over the boat, and he was really impressed. Considering this boat was made the same year I was born, it's in better condition than I am.

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